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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Star Chef Seafood Restaurant, Johor

Pickles with slivers of duck meat.

Young coconut

Dong po pork

Lala with ginger and spring onion

Garlic crab

HUMONGOUS prawns the size of half my hand.

All that great food comes out of this humble kitchen.

This is what the dining hall looks like.

You don't get food like this anymore in Singapore - unpretentiously well made food in a no frills environment. One gets a sense that eating out in Singapore is about the ambience. One pays a lot for ambience. The crab and the prawns were so very fresh that they would have been good merely steamed. The seasoning had robust flavours. The prawns were seasoned with an inveigling mixture of dang gui and butter. That is an amazing combination!

We paid SGD $48 for a meal for 3 people. 

This is too exciting! The food is too good!

Star Chef Restaurant is at...
51, Jalan Gelang Emas 1
Taman Gelang Emas
Johor 81550

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