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Monday, August 4, 2014

Poking Around JB

Weekends lately have been plenty fun because we've been exploring JB.

It is really very crowded in Singapore. Sometimes, the press of bodies in the malls and the constant low grade buzz of city noise can get overwhelming. We have been escaping over the causeway to JB on the weekends. The house in JB is in a quiet enclave that overlooks a small pond. It is restful for both the eyes and the ears. It is kinda hard work going over there because errr... we have to clean the swimming pool, mop the floor, cook and clean. Strangely, none of us seem to mind in the least. There is some pleasure in all the physical manual labour in tranquil surroundings. 

There is no need to hurry through the housework because there is nothing else to do. We don't have internet in that house. Besides, we should get used to cleaning our own house. When The Husband and I retire, we will need to watch our spending, no?

Besides, it is restful to do housework. During the week, we are all engaged in brain work and/or emotional labour. Little Boy needs to study. I need to think through children's attitude/performance issues, mark their compositions and develop units of teaching material. The Husband has to sit through meetings after meetings. When you've been doing that all week, doing housework is quite fun and therapeutic. 

There are tranquil walks to take nearby. It is so quiet you can hear your own ears buzz. Little Boy has plans to get himself a dinghy to row on the pond to fish. 

We've also been exploring the Johor Eats. It is not as cheap as one expects but for the yumminess, it is still cheaper than Singapore. Forget about sexy restaurant ambience or fine dining, this is just hearty food in down to earth surroundings and friendly service. It is also gluten free!

I can't wait to systematically try all the different Johor Eats!!

Of course, one worries about crime but really... our car is pretty beat up (and not washed) plus Little Boy considers jeans "formal wear" so we kinda fit into the rest of the JB decor. Hopefully... just hopefully... people don't notice that it is a Singapore number plate.

Nobody out there.

Nobody out there either.

There are stables nearby.

I've never really seen stables before so this was quite an eye opener.

Many empty stalls.

At Kedai Bak Kut The Hin Hock, you point at the fish.

They cook it. The address is at 74, Jln Toh Ah Boon, 81200 Tampoi Johor.

Little Boy loved the bak kut teh soup.

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