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Monday, August 11, 2014

Carpet of White Mushrooms

The long row of trees cast their shade along the sidewalk as I huffed and puffed on my bicycle. When I first rode past, I noticed nothing. On the way back, I was struck by the thick layer of compost that hugged the ground around the tree roots. Tree after tree along that sidewalk seemed to be strangled at the roots by a dark cloak of rotted compost.

Then I noticed delicate, paper thin umbrellas twinkling upon the inky cloak of rot. They were so very pretty, like fairies had planted them and tended them in order to bring sparkles to a carpet as dark as death.

It reminded me that life does spring from death. When the world seems dark or storms rage about my head, God reminds me that He has power even over death... any kind of death, from character assassination to actual physical demise.

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