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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Windsor Castle

This is a real castle. It was the childhood residence of Queen Elizabeth II. The castle was originally built for defence. Building started as early as 1070. The walls are thick and the battlements were originally used to do battle. The thing is humongous!

Queen Elizabeth II grew up here. To this day, she uses this as a beloved weekend residence. What must it have been like to have been Princess Elizabeth growing up at Windsor Castle? I wonder how many unicorns she had.

The castle is supposed to be haunted too. I did not see any ghosts though. We could not take photos inside the castle so readers can refer to the lovely video HERE, to get a sense of what Windsor Castle looks like inside. The video does not do the place justice. My mouth popped open when I entered the vestibule to the State Apartments of Windsor Castle. 

It was magnificent!

The Castle Keep

At the foot of The Castle Keep is a dry moat. You can tell how large The Castle Keep is when you compare it to the small gate that leads into the moat - The Moat Gate. The moat has been converted into a beautiful private garden that the Queen of England still uses.

The arrow slits from outside.

An arrowslit from inside.

The Horseshoe Cloister that houses staff working at Windsor Castle's St George's Chapel.

A close-up of the Horseshoe Cloister (looks a bit like our HDB flat corridors).

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