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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Old Mill at Lower Slaughter

The thing about not planning a holiday is that you don't know what you'll see that day. Since one has no expectations at all, each day is like opening a present. One is always glad to find whatever one finds.

A sign indicating "The Old Mill" caught my eye. So, that was where we ended up. The Old Mill has a craft shop that stocks locally made produce. They did not have a single cheap thing labelled "Made in China". There were bottles of lanolin oil, scented candles, handcrafted soap (also made from lanolin oil), silk scarves and leather coats and bags. A good leather coat costs around $1000+ to $2000+ in Singapore, mostly because they carry a brand. The Husband found a beautifully soft leather coat which looked really good on him - SGD$250. So, we went a little crazy. The shopkeeper allowed us to Skype so we Skyped the children. The Daughter picked out a leather briefcase. Little Boy picked out a wallet.

I bought various gifts for The Husband's secretary, Grandma... and some of Dr Pet's mommies (who always bring gifts along to class).

Locally crafted Rocking Motorcycle (not horse).

The Old Mill had a cafe.

We had a frittata at the Old Mill's cafe.

The Old Mill had a museum which had not much in it really.

Not having enough bread to eat sparked the Russian revolution. The masses decided that income distribution was unfair. They simmered. They boiled. Then, still feeling ignored and uncared for, the populace erupted into unbridled violence. The poor Tsar and his entire family were shot dead and buried in the woods. The Bolsheviks took over. Of course, now, the remains of the Tsar and his family sit in Peter and Paul Cathedral in St Petersburg, drawing gawking tourists. Hopefully, as income gaps widen all over the world, history will not repeat itself all over the world.

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