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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Lobster Hatchery at Padstow

Lobsters are in such short supply now that to ensure a sustainable supply, Cornwall has a lobster hatchery in Padstow. There are rules governing the size of a lobster before it can be landed. Anything smaller has to be thrown back. Female lobsters carrying eggs are brought straight to the hatchery and placed in the maternity ward. Their eggs are harvested and hatched. The hatchlings are cared for until they are large enough to have a good chance of survival in the wild.

The Mommy lobsters (also called berried hens in reference to the berry like eggs that are found on their underside).

The Mommy lobsters. Their claws are taped shut to prevent them from fighting and hurting each other. Once they have laid their eggs, the Mommies are returned to the fishermen who caught them. I guess they are eaten afterwards.

These are the new hatchlings. They don't look at all like lobsters.

These are the larger hatchlings.

The larger hatchlings up close.

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