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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Shakespeare's Birthplace

I wonder what Shakespeare makes of the fact that he is revered by so many well into the 21st century. 1 million visitors come by this house to see the house Shakespeare grew up in. There is some sense of awe to be told that this floor is the same floor that Shakespeare walked on. It is the original 16th century floor that has never been changed. 

It kinda just makes you go, "Wow!". I've never really conceived of Shakespeare as a real person who actually walked around nor who was ever punished by his parents. Shakespeare is words in a book and the reason why study guides sell well. To me, he has always been a sort of an Adjective to describe a certain type of literature you had to study. You mean, the fella was a real living and breathing human being? One knows that without really believing it. Till now. 

He lived in a house and slept on a bed or in a baby cot. Then, he grew up into the Elizabethan equivalent of George Lucas, Steven Spielberg or Peter Jackson.

I suppose that in time to come, people might go look at these people's birthplaces with the same sort of voyeuristic curiosity.

House where Shakespeare was born.

Shakespeare's Dad made gloves from leather.

Looking at the height of the ceiling in this house, Shakespeare's family looked quite wealthy. Houses with high ceilings were costly to heat.

Shakespeare and his brothers shared this bed.

This is the room where Shakespeare was born.

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