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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Saturday Lunch

Lamb's Barton Cottage is accessed via a small road for a single car. Errr... we have not yet met another car coming the other way. The road slopes up steeply and then it slopes down steeply. The first time we drove on this road I had my heart in my mouth. It is well worth it though. We spent the morning in Bude shopping for food, where I made mental note to visit Bude Castle sometime later in the week. Do I ever get sick of castles? Errr... Nope.

The well equipped kitchen is a joy to cook in. I had had no food since the sandwich from the night before so for lunch, we stuffed ourselves.

The single car road is a bit overgrown with grass down the middle. 

More strawberries and cream. They are  organic, cheap and oh so good.

Vegetables en papillote in white wine herb sauce. The green bowl is made of vinyl. It can be folded closed  to resemble a pea pod. Whatever is baked inside there cooks en papillote (i.e., like it is in a pocket of foil or parchment). The juices collect inside the pod and can be used to season meat.

Lamb dunno-what-but-very-tender cut in white wine herb sauce served with vegetables en papillote. The Husband has laid down the law. He only wants to eat cooked vegetables.

The green cooking pod.

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