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Friday, June 6, 2014

Princess for a Day!!

We had arrived in Heathrow about 3 hours earlier than we had planned. The airline rescheduled our flight. This gave us an extra half a day. Instead of staying at an airport hotel, we decided to drive outside London to find cheaper accommodation. Sofitel near Heathrow Airport cost a whopping $800 a night. Waaaaah! Faint!

Anyway, I found Oakley Court Hotel. It is a castle. The Husband doesn't think it is a castle but what does he know, huh? He has never been a Pretend Princess for as long as I have. Believe me, I have been Princess Pretending for years and I am still at it! I will tell you this from my years of long Pretend Princess experience. ANYTHING with a turret is a castle, ok? See that tiny little turret?

"Oh well," said The Husband, "It's a bloody gu-niang castle."

The "castle" is situated by the River Thames. After breakfast, we went to sit by the river and enjoy the sunshine. The weather was perfect this morning. The sun shone bright and temperatures were in their 20s (Celsius) so it was wonderful to be outdoors.

The nice rooms were all taken so our room was in the "East Wing" on the ground floor. Probably, those were the servants' quarters? Anyway, I refuse to complain. The last time I came to London, I stayed in a Youth Hostel in a room for 4 people with 2 bunk beds. When I woke up in the morning, I was greeted by a pair of black socks hanging above my head. So hey... refurbished servants' quarters are fine! It just takes a little more imagination to Pretend Princess.

This said, the place is missing a unicorn. It is hard to Pretend Princess when a castle is minus a unicorn.

The "castle".

Sitting by the River Thames.

See! Areal suit of armour!

A kick ass huge conservatory with a chandelier.

Pretend Princess-ing by the window.

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