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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Monkfish in Lemon Sauce

I knew monkfish liver as a foie gras substitute (both sustainable and more humane than goose gavage). What I had never tried was the monkfish itself. See HERE for what it looks like. I bought 2 tails from the fishmonger at Widemouth Bay and tried my hand at cooking it. Cornish people believe that only the tails can be eaten because this fish has head + tail and no body. Of course, Singaporeans will just ask "What about the head? That can be eaten too you know?"


When I handled the tails they felt soft and mushy. I thought that the flesh might contain a lot of water. So, I decided to draw out the water content (by marinating in brown sugar and garlic salt) before grilling it. I left it in the fridge for 6 hours and by then the tails had got somewhat smaller and less mushy to the touch.

Grated lemon peel + thyme + rosemary + lemon juice + brown sugar + garlic salt. Marinate for 6 hours to dehydrate the tails.

Grill under hot grill for 20 minutes.

Cut each tail into half and plate. Pour the cooking juices over, or put the cooking juices in a sauce boat for individuals to pour over their fish.

The taste is surprising. It tastes like lobster! Not bad eh... this fish. In itself, it can be a lobster substitute and a foie gras substitute. Monkfish is itself a commonly found fish so it is relatively sustainable. However, it lives on the ocean floor and fishermen trawl the ocean floor for them. This leads to a lot of other fish being caught. Hence, some supermarkets in U.K., refuse to sell monkfish.

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