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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Cornish Lemon Sole

The Cornish lemon sole is quite a cheap fish. I thought I would buy and try. It is not bad at all. The flesh is quite delicate and smooth. It is a fish that would taste good steamed. I did not have a steamer so I baked it en papillote, in the cooking pod. Phew! At least I managed to get a taste of local fish caught in Cornish waters without breaking the bank!

In general, if one aims to buy the cheapest produce one can find in the market, one can be guaranteed to be eating what in Singapore would be "exotic" food. Vegetables such as fennel and artichokes cost a great deal in Singapore. Here, they are cheaper (even though, in general, UK groceries are double the price). Eat local. 

The problem is to figure out how to cook the stuff. That's why we have the internet!

Vegetables + double cream + rosemary + thyme + white wine + lemon sole fish filets, en papillote.

Done! This sole comes with egg sacs too!

Plated with grilled artichokes. Okay... it is not the best cuisine but at least it is not boiled fish... and it costs a lot less than eating seafood out.

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