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Friday, May 2, 2014

My Villas in Bali

The Living Room

The Bedroom

View from Bedroom

The Outdoor Shower

The Wardrobe

The Cook

The pictures on the website looked too good to be real so I came a little bit ready to be disappointed. I needn't have worried. The place is stunning. I have never experienced such a luxurious bathroom! I love the bathroom! It is some kickass huge bathroom. The Daughter gushed like some suaku "This bathroom is bigger than my university hostel room!" This is a bathroom worthy of the ancient Sultans of the Alhambra, clad from end to end in marble (or maybe granite). The bathtub has convenient armrests so I spent 2 hours in it with my Kindle reader. There are His and Hers sinks so I don't have to share sinks with The Husband.

Us girls (The Daughter and I) don't like sharing toilet-ty things with the boys (The Husband and Little Boy) because they have ewwww-worthy toilet habits. Us girls represent the toilet forces of good and clean. Them boys are the toilet forces of evil and yuck. So... hah! These His and Hers sinks are lovely! The wardrobe is right in front of the bathtub. 

This oasis of calm and luxury comes with "butler" service. I wasn't quite sure what that meant. Butler? Like in Jeeves? Anyway, it just means very thorough and attentive housekeeping. Putu is our butler. There is an iPhone on the sideboard programmed with his mobile. Putu looks nothing like Jeeves but he is very prompt and warm. We ordered breakfast from him this morning and a complement of cook and waiter came along with it to our villa. After breakfast, Putu sent over 3 very energetic young men to mop the floors, test the quality of water in the swimming pool and wash the breakfast dishes.

I think I died and went to heaven because at home, Petunia is both cook and waiter. If we had a pool, Petunia would also be Water Tester.

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