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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Killing Mosquitoes in the Night

The mosquito racquette has been a real blessing for a gal who is a mosquito magnet. 5 people in 1 room + 1 mosquito = Petunia is covered in bites and everyone else says "Mosquito? Where?". In the day time, I can get 'em easy with my mosquito racquette. In the dark of the night, I can't see those pesky things.

Finally, I managed to figure out a way to zap 'em in the dark.

(1) Wrap oneself up nice and good with only the face exposed.
(2) Hold mosquito racquette close to face.
(3) Press the switch when mosquito buzzes near face.

Mosquitoes fly in a zig zag pattern. Those silly ninnies can't even fly straight. So, they will zig here and zag there... and fly into my racquette. In the dark, they expire in one tiny flash of light. I got 2 mosquitoes that way last night and did not get any bites!

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