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Monday, December 16, 2013

Waterways Boating Safaris, Queen Charlotte's Sound

The children really had fun today. Gu niang Petunia just hung on for dear life. The Daughter and Little Boy drove their own motorboat. The Husband and I took another. We took a tour from HERE. 3 boats (i.e., 6 people) went out today together with the leader's boat. 

It was massive fun.

The mussel industry is a NZ$200,000,000 million industry that operates from Picton. Queen Charlotte's Sound has the pristine waters needed to grow HUGE and FAT mussels for sale all over the world. Seriously... the mussels here are HUMONGOUS. People who stay around here throw away the blue mussels that people like me pay to eat in Singapore. They deign only to eat the sweeter and much more meaty green mussels. We drove around to a few mussel farms and heard a lecture on how they are farmed... how people apply for resource concessions from the government to use the water for mussel farms.

We stopped by at a deserted beach for lunch and a local wild bird came by and ate from our hands.

The children made their own fun by zig zagging the boat on the waves. If you ride against the waves, your boat hops up and down on the water. It's something of a joy ride, which I don't really fancy but young people have plenty of adrenaline to spare.

Ohhhhh... to be that young again!

The Daughter piloting her motorboat with Little Boy standing up enjoying the boat hopping on the waves.

A weka bird coming by to beg for scraps.

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