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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Waipara Sleeper Camp Grounds

The Kitchen

Old Forgotten Bicycle

Chess Pieces

An Ancient Boiler

This was the cheapest campsite at $35 a night for 4 people. Most things here look like they've been DIY-ed. Everything, starting with the rusted train carriages (made over into charming bedrooms for those who travel in cars instead of RVs) look run down and worn. Tables have wood peeling off them. The toilet showers are mismatched. The formica countertop looks like it was recycled from somewhere else. The stove... I remember that stove from the French countryside 30 years ago. It was already old when I was young.

Yet, this place is absolutely charming. There are hedges of rosemary growing gustily, and left somewhat unpruned. A hot water dispenser that is at least 40 years old hangs over the kitchen sink, still doing its job. The train carriages look rusted and old. A rusted bicycle without pedals lean on the side of one train carriage. Giant chess pieces sit in one corner of the garden on old tiles.

The showers are hot though. The kitchen is clean. The tables and chairs are an eclectic mix of rejects from people who don't want them? A loaf of bread sits on the kitchen counter and all are encouraged to slice some off to eat. The lawn is trim and there are NO sand flies! This place has my thumbs up.

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