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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Lavendyl Lavender Farm, Kaikoura

Kaikoura is along the eastern side of New Zealand's South Island. It is well known for its Swim With Wild Dolphins Tours. We found a hidden gem here though. It was a lavender farm run by Jan and Corry Zeestraten (a husband and wife team). They do it all... from tending the lavender plants, to designing the gardens, to distilling the lavender oil in their own oil distillery. They make their own lavender ice cream too.

We explored the garden with oohs and aahs. It looked like it had leapt out of the pages of a stately Georgian novel. There were benches that beckoned you to sit down. Turning a corner or ducking under a branch, you would come across little touches of humour or elegance. There was a little wooden mask leaning against a tree. There was a petanque set neatly arraigned along a stone path. A burst of red roses burst out at you from behind the neat rows of lavender coloured a gentle purple. The whole garden was filled with the heady smell of lavender oil.

An Inviting Bench

A Row of Trees

Lavender Coloured Coffee Corner

Lavender and Rosemary Muscle Ache Cream

I went berserk in the shop. Every single product was packed with a powerful lavender punch. We walked out with bottles of shampoo, jars of muscle ache cream, bottles of massage oil, spritz bottles of lavender water for spritzing the air, and pots of lavender honey. The Daughter asked me if I intended to buy the whole shop.

We tried the lavender ice cream and lavender tea in the tiny cafe right next door. I had never tried lavender ice cream before. This was so very very good that I think I shall try to make lavender ice cream when I get home.

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