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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Leisure Farm Bungalow for Rental

Bayou Creek Village Bungalow for Rent (Minimal Rental Period - 2 Years)

If you are interested in renting the bungalow below, please leave your contact HERE

Details and photographs are herein below. The photographs below show the ACTUAL HOUSE and furnishings. It is rented out FULLY FURNISHED.

Note also that Leisure Farm has double gated security. This means it has 2 rings of security. The first ring surrounds the entire Leisure Farm development. The 2nd ring surrounds the little "village" of Bayou Creek.

To get a better idea of Leisure Farm go HERE to view a video on Leisure Farm's award winning Bayou Water Village. The properties in Bayou Water Village (averaging 1500 sq ft of built-in) are much smaller than those in Bayou Creek Village (averaging 5000 sq ft of built-in). However, the amenities and surroundings are the same.

Built-Up Area = 5845 square feet
Land Area =7218 square feet
5 bedrooms + 5 bathrooms
1 family room
1 living room
Wet kitchen
Dry Kitchen
Swimming Pool
Maid's Room

Dining Room Cum Dry Kitchen

Dining Room Opens Onto Private Swimming Pool

Living Room

View of Swimming Pool from Living Room

Bedroom For 2 Super Singles

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom (viewed from the opposite end of the room)

View of the dock behind the master bedroom.

 Master Bedroom Toilet With Sunken Bath Tub

2nd Floor Family Area

Bedroom for Queen Bed

Small Bedroom on Ground Floor

Airwell at Staircase with Play Area Under the Stairs

View Outside 1

Creek Outside

View Outside 2


Merle said...

Is it your intention to link this to the Motivation Genome form? It's way beyond my means to rent the bungalow but I was wondering whether there is any mistake.

Petunia Lee said...

Merle... yeeeah... it's a little weird but it's the only way people can reach me without me having to reveal my email here.