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Sunday, October 27, 2013


It appears that these are somebody's 臭臭. A 臭臭 is defined as a soft toy that one has grown up with since babyhood. To qualify as a 臭臭, the thing has to have been puked on... peed on... chewed upon... and cuddled every night in bed till sleep gathers up one into its soft embrace.

I didn't know these were 臭臭, till The Daughter told me. I was happily playing with the two 臭臭, thinking them to be 2 soft toys like any other soft toy. After I was told that they were somebody's 臭臭, I couldn't bear to touch them anymore... even though I do doubt that these two elephants are bona fide 臭臭. They really look too clean to be 臭臭... and when I played with them earlier, they didn't smell bad at all.

Still... someone else's 臭臭 aren't for wanton touching so I can't bring myself to play with them anymore. I'm even surprised that The Daughter's friend agreed to LEND her 臭臭 to The Daughter. This must be a really really nice friend because you know...  臭臭 aren't really lendable and one certainly doesn't go around borrowing other people's 臭臭. I certainly don't lend my friends my three 臭臭, pictured below. The Daughter isn't there because since babyhood, she has always been very 香香. 香香 are also not for borrowing nor lending though they may be given away in marriage to the right man.

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pummanuel said...

This post brought back childhood memories. My brother had a pillow 臭臭 which had to undergo blood transfusion (change cotton) as it was so dirty (despite washing it) that it went mouldy. Now my 2-year-old boy also has one rabbit 臭臭 and despite his roly poly cuteness, he stinks too. He's so different from my daughters. But after reading your next post, I better cherish my little Ball now. At least he still rolls to me...for now.