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Saturday, June 22, 2013

More Haze Pollution Counter Measures

Haze was creeping in at the joints of the windows. I still wanted some air circulation from outside (for fear of carbon dioxide build-up) but I didn't want the particulate matter. I sealed the joints with 4 layers of baby wipes and scotch tape. This way, air still gets in but some of the particulate matter is filtered. The rate at which haze creeps into my bedroom is much slower.

The louvered windows in the bathroom received the same treatment.

Since air purifiers are nowhere to be found, I made my own by cutting up a fleece vacuum bag and attaching it to a tunnel fan. This seriously cuts the airflow but I'm not using it as a fan. I'm using it to clean the air. I don't think it cleans very well but if you can't FIND an air purifier to buy and your room is quite small, this is better than nothing.

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