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Sunday, June 23, 2013

If You REALLY Can't Get Hold of an N95 Mask

Cut up a fleece vacuum bag

Surgical Mask - This is the side that faces your nose. The fleece vacuum bag is assembled to the OTHER side (i.e., NOT the side that faces your nose).

 When you cut up the fleece vacuum bag, you will see 3 layers of material.  Assemble the fleece vacuum bag layers in the order shown above. The layer with the criss-cross patterns is outermost. The gauze thin layer in the middle. The thickest layer is closest to the mask. 

This is because the gauze layer and the criss-cross layer give off loose fibres. You don't want to breathe in these loose fibres so you want them furthest from your nose and in closest contact to the dirty air as possible.

Attach the 3 layers from the fleece vacuum bag to the OTHER side (i.e., NOT facing your nose) of the surgical mask. See how the criss-cross patterned layer faces outwards?

Here is the finished mask. Make sure you wear the mask with the fleece vacuum bag layers facing AWAY from you. You don't want to breathe in cloth fibres from the vacuum bag. Face the surgical mask towards you instead.

This mask is a DIY mask. It is in no way comparable to the real N95 mask. However, if you cannot find the N95 mask then this is still better than nothing. The only problem is that this mask does not provide a good seal. When I wear it, I use my hand to press it to my nose so form a seal.

Go HERE for reviews of 2 high quality face masks, of which one fits children.

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