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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

DIY Floor Cushion

I'm not into buying furniture. The bamboo day bed is too small to fit the four of us. So, when we're watching TV, Little Boy ends up trying his best to get comfortable on the cold hard floor. I took pity on him. So I made a floor cushion from 5 pillows. It's really idiot proof to make because one just had...

(1) To sew 5 or 6 pillow cases together
(2) To pop in the pillows

I just wish I had chosen more colorful pillow cases like HERE. I wasn't exactly sure if these would turn out well so I bought the cheapest pillowcases I could find. They were cream colored. Now that I know that these work so well, I think I'll go poke around for nicer pillowcases. Maybe something with flowers. I like flowers.

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