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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

La Braceria

The prices at Valentino's freaked me out. The food was so good that my stomach complained for a long time about being denied good food. I kept logging on to the Valentino's blog post to RE-savour the food by looking at my own photos. Happily enough, a kind blog reader dropped me a comment and then in a series of frenzied WhatsApp messages from me to her... I managed to get some names of restaurants that are less pricey and just as authentic.

My stomach gathered up the whole family and we made for La Braceria (5, Greendale Avenue). The prices here were much more agreeable. For a while, my fascination with Italian food was assuaged. But... Valentino's food was still better. 

Bread was warm and crispy. Nice!

Antipasti was good. The zucchini was a little too hard and dry for my liking.

This was yummicilious - fragrant saffron cream rice and veal on the bone.

Wagyu beef and mushroom tagliatelle.


Panna cotta.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

always nice to find an eatery with quality food and low prices :)