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Monday, April 15, 2013

Higher Order Thinking Skills (English) For Parents

I was miserably kicking myself for having forgotten to take pictures of the class. Then one very thoughtful mommy emailed me this picture. It was really a lovely surprise!!

Participant Feedback Set 1 (4 people)

Participant Feedback Set 2 (4 people)

Participant Feedback Set 3 (5 people)

Participant Feedback Set 4 (2 people)

My favorite!!

I ran the first HOT Skills (English) Seminar for Parents on Saturday 13th April. The class of 15 was expanded to 20 people to cater to people who were keen to attend even after registrations were closed. I know we're supposed to have this sexy Participant Feedback Form with numbers to circle and everything. Typically, these numbers are analyzed and presented in a table form as follows below. I didn't want to inflict a form on people and what I needed were concrete suggestions on how to improve or what to maintain in the course.

So I asked them to write out One Thing They Liked and One Thing They Disliked.

These were collated from evaluations done by the school where I gave a school talk HERE.


Anonymous said...

a nice way to have your students critique your class...definitely gives you more information!

Petunia Lee said...

Theanne - Thanks a bunch!!