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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Fulfilled Boy

Little Boy has a lot on his plate. I promised him that he would get his fill of non-academic enrichment in secondary school. He went and signed up for 3 CCAs. He came home yesterday feeling very fulfilled. Apparently, he had gotten all his homework done in the little bits of time in between this and that during his day. He plans his work well. He used to overplan and stress himself out trying to achieve his plan. He now plans more reasonably and seems to be on top of his plan every time I check (which is maybe twice a month).

He shared with me his academic goals for the first term and gave me a report on which goals he had met, and which others he had failed to meet... and what he intended to do about the latter. I was a little taken aback because I hadn't even asked him to set goals. He even proudly declared that he had jogged with his schoolbag all the way home from the MRT station, thrilled that he had achieved yet another chunk of time savings by overlapping jogging practice, with the walk home. He wants to do well at the upcoming cross-country run.

Little Boy hated jogging up until Primary 6 but he was cherry-picked in Week 2 of secondary school for the Track and Field team. He pulls into the Top 3 places when the boys run the 2.4km for PE twice a week. Whilst he sniffed roundly at the prospect of joining Track and Field, he was pleased at his placement for running at PE. So, Little Boy has asked his father to train with him for the upcoming cross-country run.

So... my friends were right when they comforted me so many months ago when I bemoaned Little Boy's aversion to jogging. "When he gets into secondary school, he'll WANT to excel at these physical activities. It's a guy thing." they said.

And so it is.

Some days, he steps through the door... walks 5 steps and crashes out on the sofa till dinner time. I'll push dinner all the way from 6.30pm to 7.30pm so that I don't have to wake him up. On other days, he's up at 5 to get some homework or project work done.

Despite the tiring days and the many plates he has to keep spinning, Little Boy goes about looking pleased and fulfilled... like he's having fun and has a purpose in life. And THAT makes my heart sing.


Open Kitchen Concept said...

He is such an impressive boy ya? So self motivated..

Karmeleon said...

My elder boy is like that. Fillls his life up full with activities and does homework ,projects , even music practice between classes if he can find the time or plan it so. Very important since he ends activities in school at night !!! He also has CCA out of school at Moe. And he enjoys it all . But my younger boy, even though also quite busy, although not quite as much as his brother, takes it as part of life. kids are so different.

Petunia Lee said...

OKC - He's growing up well. I am relieved.

Petunia Lee said...

Karmeleon - Both my kids started off very different but they managed to end up pretty much where I wanted them to be in terms of attitude and drive.

Celine said...

Oh! Impressive attitude!
I am actively working to the day that I can say that both my boys have landed where I wanted them to be in terms of drive and attitude.... And enjoy the process too!

Petunia Lee said...

Celine - I have a sense they will... with a Mommy like you.