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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Rubber Band Wars

Little Boy shot a girl's backside today. He shot her from a distance... in the middle of class... and got the boy sitting behind her into trouble. SHE thought that the boy behind her had used HIS toe to poke her backside, and she was not pleased. At all. It is no wonder that little girls find little boys annoying. Even a good and serious little boy like my Little Boy has his moments of prankfulness, and so a poor little lady got her backside shot today!!

By my son!!

And the little girl still doesn't know who did it because Little Boy trains weekly at the rifle range and he can shoot rather accurately from quite a distance. He doesn't have much luck with shooting the pigeons around our house, but admittedly, a girl's backside has quite a bit more surface area than a bird... especially if the young lady is sitting down and paying attention to Teacher.

"Shouldn't YOU be listening to Teacher too?" I queried.

"Yes... but I got that question right, Mom. And it was funny seeing her give HK a dirty look." he countered.

"But, that's not a nice thing to do," said I.

"Yeah.... giggle... snort... giggle... it was fun though, and I was helping out R. R asked me to help him shoot because his aim is lousy," said he.

Kids can make fun outta nothing at all. We give them iPads and video games and all, but really, the most fun games come about when a bunch of fifteen boys get to know each other well enough to clown around. There are 15 boys in Little Boy's class and by now, they're as thick as thieves. They've gone through the hell of PSLE preparation together, remember? They've seen each other cry, comforted each other in bad times, helped each other out and copied each other's homework for the past 1 year and 8 months. On the day of the Language Oral exams, Little Boy carried his own bag and this other little girl's bag as she rushed hither and thither trying to locate a phone with which to call her parents so that they could bring her examination proof. So ok... my son isn't a complete rogue after all even though he DID shoot another little girl's backside today.

Anyway, since Monday, and in the moments between Teachers, the class explodes into a veritable gang fight with rubber bands flying hither thither as R's gang and J's gang battle each other. The girls add to the excitement by hopping around trying not to get shot or yelling at the boys for having shot them accidentally. Actually, Little Boy is in charge of ammunition supplies. He picks up all the rubber bands and provisions the others.

"But you can shoot. Why aren't you one of the shooters?" said I.

"The rest don't know I can shoot. I didn't tell them." said he.

"Why?" I asked.

"They dun need to know." he said.

I did know that still waters run deep within my son. I just didn't know HOW deep! Tomorrow, I will blog about VIRUS, another really interesting game the boys invented to play at recess.

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Petunia Lee said...

Malar - I LOST your comment!! So sorry! But I read it! Will describe VIRUS shortly.