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Friday, September 7, 2012

Positive Teaching® for Lower Primary Parents: October 2012

The next Positive Teaching® Seminar for Lower Primary Parents date has been published here. Those who are interested to sign up, please do so.


lynklee said...

Hello! Toddles here. Read in one of the comments that you've retired from KSP! so sad!!

Actually I haven't gone to KSP for a while too, cos got busy. Actually i think it's quite an informative site, just that the name might attract the wrong crowd.

And you've gone and published a book! My kids are still in pre-primary so too young for me to sign up for one of your sessions.

Saw the Heng SK stuff? sounds good huh, but wonder how long it will take for real change to trickle through. Hopefully by my kids' time there will be a smaller gap between what is taught and what is tested.

All the best to Little Boy on his PSLE, and a big dose of sanity-keeping calm to his parents!

Petunia Lee said...

Toddles - I finally got around to posting a response!! Thanks for finding me here!! Thank you lots for the PSLE encouragement. Do stay in touch. Please do. You can drop me an email or something? I won't publish it.