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Friday, September 14, 2012

Comfort Food

I freed up my schedule right up until PSLE. I have nothing to do. All day. I wasn't sure whether Little Boy needed any support of any kind and when... so, I decided that I would just hang around. As it turns out, all Little Boy needs from me are cuddles and food.

2 days ago, he said "There is no more milk in the fridge Mom. Friday is my Listening Comprehension PSLE exam. Can you buy milk? I need milk to calm me down on the night before the exam." Ok... I went to buy milk.

Then, he requested for spaghetti bolognaise. So I made my spaghetti bolognaise sauce - 2 pots of sauce. Enough for 28 individual portions of spaghetti bolognaise. And since he also likes kouign amman and croissants from Tiong Bahru Bakery ... I got ready a store in the freezer.

Those kouign amman are really something. It's like a cinnamon roll but each layer is thinner. Soft and "moelleux" on the inside... crispy and caramel crackly on the outside. It's also like roti prata with soft fluffy insides and caramelized outsides but each layer is thicker and chewier. It's like apple strudel sans the apple but each layer has WAY more butter. I think kouign amman butter poisoning is the best way to die. You will literally die chewing heaven.

Now... do you really want me to get started on Tiong Bahru Bakery's croissants? Anyway, Open Kitchen Concept does a great job here.


Open Kitchen Concept said...

The Little Boy and you like kouign amman too? Me toooo.... I went for a fix today and WHY oh WHY didn't I think of buying more to freeze!?

And I was just raving about it the other day too!

Petunia Lee said...

Actually, I first got to know it from your blog.