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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Beanie's Mom Wrote a Book Review!!

I first met Beanie here after years of reading her Mom's blog... and her Mom reads mine. Beanie is a veritable poster girl for Moms like me. See a beautiful photo of Beanie here. Whenever I feel down, I log on to that post and stare at the picture of Beanie. I feel better straight away because that little girl's innocent joy shining from the eyes just lifts my spirit.

Anyway, this is my SECOND blogger book review! Yay! Thank you Beanie's Mom!

Click HERE to read book review!


My Sinfonia said...

That's really excellent! Wishing you more success! YM

Shuo said...

I've read the book review and it mentioned that it is written within the context of Singapore's education system so I would like to ask - can it be applied to other education system (since I am not living in Singapore)?

I find your blog to be very interesting. Came across it when I was searching for information about home renovation. Though I do not live in Singapore but I am interested in PSLE too as I have a nephew who will be sitting for it soon.

I read an article about PSLE here - Of Kids and Education: Piecing together the PSLE puzzle and would like to know your comment about PSLE too.

Wen-ai said...

My Pleasure, Petunia! And I should thank you instead for writing a book that will allow me to be a better mom. ;)

Petunia Lee said...

Shuo - The book has been shipped to France, Manila, England and USA. It is relevant to other educational systems too... relevant to other areas of life. If you know how to motivate, you can motivate people to do anything you want... not just to study.

I loved Monica Lim's article on the PSLE t-score. Absolutely adored and agreed with every word. I wrote about it myself 2 years ago but sadly, not as well written as hers -