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Friday, September 28, 2012

A Prayer Gift

I found a friend after so many years of knowing her. In my hour of need, she has been a veritable Prayer Warrior. I woke up this morning and found this on my WhatsApp. I could tell that my test was first on her mind this morning because it was so early when I received the prayer. It is such a beautifully crafted prayer that I have been praying it every 15 minutes even as Little Boy is doing his exams.

Good morning heavenly Father Lord. Thank you for the day that went past for our PSLE children. Father, as a new day breaks forth, we ask you for renewed strength, endurance and stamina. Lord, for the Math paper, we ask for accurate computational and problem solving skills. We speak your power into their bodies to be able to recognize the type of Math problem and use the appropriate method to solve it. In times of fatigue, Lord, I pray you uphold them. Once again, I pray that you cease all fear and nervousness. All negative forces will be broken in your name! 

All glory is yours only Lord. 

I ask for continued good health for our children and parents. We love you Lord! In Jesus' glorious name I pray. Amen!

I am touched by Bl****m, Toddles, R***na, B**nice and LL (who managed in various ways to communicate their support) and all the many non-PSLE Moms and Dads who have lent support and advice on the Kiasu Parents Forum (even an anonymous reader called YP, who gave useful exam tips). Amazing solidarity! It's so wonderful to know that entire phalanxes of Mommies and Daddies join in prayer and support for our little 12 year olds taking PSLE. If this is not a uniquely Singaporean phenomenon (our cultural equivalent of the bar mitzvah perhaps?), I don't know what is!

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