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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

When the Bible Comes Alive - Part 2

Our friends brought us to Nazareth. I must say that we tasted of the warmest hospitality in the few days we spent with them. I was touched by the effort made to guess at our deepest desires. And Nazareth was absolutely one of my deepest desires.

It meant something to be walking in the vicinity of Mary's House... and Joseph's Workshop... It meant something to wash my hands and splash my face with water from Mary's well. Since the whole of Nazareth was served by that ONE natural wellspring of water, it was certain that Mary, Mother of God, herself went there with her earthenware to get water for her family.

Oh dear me... for readers who aren't Christians, please bear with me. I know I sound silly but it really meant something. Again, I was a little peeved that mankind had seen fit to construct buildings ON TOP OF Mary's House and Joseph's Workshop and Mary's Well, as if the original places weren't already beautiful in their original state.

The walls of the church were adorned with pictures of Mary and Baby Jesus. This one is from Singapore and depicts a multi-racial flock.

This is China's version of Mary and Baby Jesus.

The people are clustered around the altar that is inside the grotto which was Mary's House.

Here is the altar (aka Mary's House) up close.

Excavations to bring again to the light of the world old Byzantine mosaics are under way.

Mary's Well

Bread that Mary would have made for Jesus and Joseph.

Mary's Salad? Heh!

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