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Friday, July 13, 2012

I Love My Son

I did resolve to check in with Little Boy's work everyday of my trip to Israel. I did want to be a Very Good Mother you see. I had resolved to mark his compositions everyday. However, when I got to Israel, all thoughts of Mothering Little Boy Responsibly flew out my head. I spent 2 glorious weeks sightseeing and doing a bit of work. A bit. So I must say, I have been a Very Bad Mother indeed.

Little Boy, in contrast, has been a Very Good Son. Oh yes... I came home to a single white sheet on my writing table... and 2 stacks of completed (and marked) work by the side. He had typed out a table on the white sheet, documenting the analysis of his mistakes and his progress. One column listed the item of work. The second column listed the number of mistakes. The third column reported the number of careless mistakes. The 4th column listed Suggestions for Improvement. Little Boy's Work Report Summary ended with a qualitative assessment that reads like this... Comments in brown are mine.

I think I did good work this week [You bet he did!]. However, I am sad that I did not score 100 marks for the Math papers when I could have because all my mistakes were careless ones [Oh boy! Who bl**** cares!]. As for the Chinese compositions, there was a steady improvement throughout the week. The table does not list these compos in their chronological order, but you can easily sort them in chronological order by looking at the number of mistakes I made [Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Hug. Hug. Hug].

Wow! I tell you, I felt so guilty when I saw that single white sheet of paper. I blushed behind my computer screen like any boss caught not doing his job. I then recovered like any boss caught not doing his job. I smiled brightly and said " I am so lucky to have a son like you." See... when a boss has a subordinate who will do part of the Boss' Job, just be gracious and give credit where credit is due.

Here is one of the 5 compositions Little Boy wrote whilst I was away in Israel. It was better than any he had done before I left. He had really kept faith and done the best work he was capable of whilst Home Alone -

Ohhhhhh... I love my son... I love my son.


My Sinfonia said...

Come on, seriously...what do you feed him?

Petunia Lee said...

Sinfonia - LOL

Wen-ai said...

Little Boy is such a good boy. Very mature for his age and I read his comp, very well-written! He definitely has your genes!

Blur Ting said...

Woah! He's way better than most grown up men.