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Friday, July 20, 2012


I met Beanie today! I was thrilled to bits!! Oops... you dunno who Beanie is? Meet her here. Beanie is this little thing full of goo goo gagas and energy. Ohhhhhh... loooook... water jug... lemme go and try to hold it. Oooooooooooooh... breadcrumb on floor... looks yummy. Hey! Why is Aunty Petunia hanging on to my leg? I need to go and check out that lady's handbag.

Beanie was every bit as cute as the photos in her Momma's blog. EVERY BIT! And her Momma was every bit (actually a little more) as pretty as the photos in her own blog.

Ok... I may be biased. I have serious Baby Besottment Syndrome. It's a psychological condition that is defined by symptoms such as having a built-in sensor for every baby within 10m of me... for having baby cravings of the hugging sort. I had fun today trying to hang on to a wriggling baby intent on examining everything and everyone at Jones the Grocer's.

Beanie reminds me so much of The Daughter. I missed The Daughter's baby years because we weren't financially stable then and I had to work full-time. I regret that. Never mind, when The Daughter gives birth to her own Beanie, I'll try and make up for those years lost.


Wen-ai said...

haha. Thanks for taking care of Beanie that day. It was really great to meet up with all of you. ;)

Malar said...

She must be very cute and active girl! ;)

Admin said...

Love this Beanie Thank you for sharing.