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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Proofs and Ozalids

I learnt something new yesterday when our printer, Jackie Lim announced that the "proofs and ozalids are ready". I was most intrigued. What are ozalids? Sounds like an alien life form. I had to google its meaning. Apparently, the ozalid is a printing process for producing positive prints made directly from original drawings or printed material and developed dry in the presence of ammonia vapor (Source: here). I'm still not too sure which item in the above picture are the proofs... and which are the ozalids. Surely even helpful Jackie Lim can't bring an entire ozalid process to my house? Hmmmmmmm.... *scratch head*.

Anyway, the above picture shows The Stuff Jackie Lim brought over. There was a stack of pictures on cream paper with a nice colour palette. There was a stack of little stapled booklets with dotted lines framing the text. There was the book cover in full colour. Alright, to the 200 plus people who ordered the book already, thank you for your faith in me. I am biting my nails hoping that the book does not disappoint. If it does, 200 people will hate me.

*Stress* But at least I have got the Positive Teaching™ Seminar for Lower Primary parents out of my hair. It's done. Parents like it. Phew!

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