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Friday, June 15, 2012

Potato Chinese™ CD-ROM+Text+Glossary

I wasn't very keen on selling the Potato Chinese™ recordings we had made to stimulate the development of Little Boy's cognitive infrastructure for processing Chinese characters and sounds.

Firstly, I had submitted a proposal to someone in government for a research study on the effectiveness of the Potato Chinese™ method. I was prepared to let MOE have this method for the nation's Potato Kids.  Secondly, I couldn't see myself in the business of mass producing CD-ROMS and glossary booklets.

Thus far, I've been giving away the recordings for free. I asked parents to go and buy the compendiums from so that they could use my recordings together with the printed text. Recently, parents complained that the compendium was no longer in print!!  This meant that I had to photocopy page after page of MY compendium... and it was a lotta work. I didn't feel like doing so much for free.

I had also used up half the stack of CD-ROMS in The Husband's bookshelf. When The Husband needed a CD-ROM and found his stash depleted, he was not pleased. So I hung my head and apologised for being a Parasitic Wife of sorts. Of course, The Husband doesn't mind that I parasite off him. I mind though... because I have that streak of independence. Besides, I do like making money. I hate spending it but I do like hoarding it very much. Besides, it has been so long since I submitted the Potato Chinese™ research proposal that I can only conclude that our educators think so little of Potato Chinese™ that even experimenting with it is a waste of time.

I believe in Potato Chinese™. It worked marvellously for Little Boy. So, all things put together, I decided that I might as well make money from it. You can purchase the set of recordings and texts HERE.

But since I am now being paid, it had to be done properly. No more just grabbing a CD-ROM and stuffing it into a plastic bag. No more photocopying dirty pages of text with Little Boy's scribbles all over it. I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. Grandma and I RE-recorded 15 selected compositions from the compendium of 1000 compositions we picked up in Beijing. I got someone to help type out a selection of 15 compositions as well as produce 15 matching glossary lists.

Then I did everything up nice like so...


Open Kitchen Concept said...

Petunia, I'm so impressed by you. When my Little One grows up, we'd be looking to you for help in studying! :)

John Lim said...

Hi Petunia, I am inspired by your sharing. Could I ask how we can get a copy of your CD-ROM and the compendium of compositions to prepare for chinese psle. Thanks v much and God bless.

Petunia Lee said...

Hello Daddy John... thanks for this comment. I have amended the above blogpost and included the link to the webpage where you can use PayPal or credit card to buy the set.