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Monday, June 25, 2012

An Interest Group

All I can say is that blogging has greatly enriched my life in more ways than I could ever have expected. What started out as a relationship between me and my computer aimed at scattering random thoughts into cyberspace, turned into regular tea sessions with Ting, L, and OKC... where chatter doesn't stop and good food abounds.

And then, I met up yesterday with an Interest Group to discuss ... well... a topic of common interest. And I met amazing people who thus far have only been words on the screen to me. There was a lady B, with sparkling eyes and gentle ways who spoke in the clipped tones reminiscent of the British Upper Class (or so I imagine... never having really been very much exposed to the hmmmm.... British Upper Class). She spoke little but when she did, everyone quietened down to listen. SO much did she have a gentle presence that commanded respect.

Meanwhile, Petunia sat there, playing with her hair... like a schoolgirl... because whenever Petunia thinks she must put knots into her own hair.

Another lady, R, came with a gentle smile but spoke with such passion that sitting on the far side of the table from her, I could feel her next to me. She took care to construct her thoughts carefully and listening to her was like reading a well-written expository essay. And she was calm and polite too... never speaking out of turn.

Meanwhile, Petunia sat on the edge of her seat like some Little Girl with too much to say and afraid she wouldn't get to say it... Sigh! Middle-aged and still so childish. My Mother would be ashamed of me. When will I take on the gravitas of my age?

There was also a young-ish man, P, who looked like he was barely a few years older than Little Boy. Yet, his eyes held an intensity that mesmerised. When he spoke, I realised why. He possessed an intelligence so sharp and incisive, it cut like a knife. His wife, E, stayed quiet much of the time but if you can recognise The Woman behind The Successful Man, she was one indeed. She listened more than she spoke but you felt that many of the ideas that took form in her husband's words had their genesis possibly in some of the thinking she initiated within their partnership... and as one intelligent partner broached ideas, the other developed them and then what came out to us around the table, were insights that belonged to both and neither.

It isn't often that one meets with a group of people who all speak well and think sharp. I felt very privileged indeed.


Blur Ting said...

Your power of observation and description is admirable!

Ah, now I know why you twirl your hair!

curioxete said...

Oh Petunia, that is such a beautiful description of us though I'm not sure if I dare say that I am the woman behind his ideas, and I'm sure P will not say he is successful. We will be successful only when we raise our kids to be as well-brought up and loving, like yours. :)
I'm also very glad to have found your blog and to have met so many like-minded parents who unselfishly share their hard-gained knowledge of the system. I'm sure we'll keep in touch in some way! :)

Petunia Lee said...

Ting - My JC Literature Tutor told me that I shouldn't disturb my hair so much because the spiders are all escaping. So mean! Hmmmmmph!

Petunia Lee said...

curioxete - I do think you have the makings of success. You've all the personal qualities to get somewhere interesting in life. I do hope that The Daughter and The Boyfriend will turn out like you both.

Anonymous said...

how fortunate you were to experience this encounter with such interesting people! did you ever get to release your torrent of words?

Petunia Lee said...

Dear me, Theanne... I think I was so very rude that I torrented them well and good. I must learn to bite my tongue!!

lynklee said...

This sounds so interesting!