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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Neil Kay

Neil Kay is the housing agent from Knight Frank who sold us a unit at AU Apartments here. Petunia has an over active imagination and when Neil walked in through the door of the cafe I was lounging in, the image of a large Viking with 2 blonde plaits and a bronze helmet with horns came to mind. Neil is tall, with broad shoulders... and struck an imposing figure. Standing up, Petite Petunia peered up at him. Her eyes had to travel a long way up his chest and neck to finally find his eyes in order to smile a "hello" as modern conventions of polite behavior dictate.

Then the big man squeezed himself into a chair and spoke out loud... and what came to mind was another completely discordant image of Pippin the Hobbit (also called Peregrin Took of the Second Breakfast - So there I was sitting next to a cross between a Hobbit and a Viking.

Petite Petunia stared up at his Giant Hobbit Face and declared "Oh my goodness! You talk like a hobbit!!"

Gentlemanly, polite and deeply professional (in sharp contrast to my holiday cheekiness) Neil gently explained that he was Scottish. As Neil talked, memories came flooding back of Scotland, the Loch Ness and of a certain Scottish young man who invited The Husband and I to join his campfire when we decided to stop for the night in a small clearing right next to the Loch Ness. I remember that young man clearly because his Scottish accent was so thick the whole evening that you could have cut it with a knife. Then a trucker stopped by to ask for directions... and I was amazed to hear the same young man speak in perfect Standard English to the trucker. When he came back to the fire, I looked at him quizzically. He explained himself in Scottish English "There is OUR English and the other type."

I had to shake these extraneous voices from my head in order to focus on the important matter a hand. I snapped back to when Neil began to explain the hidden potential of East Perth. I sat up straight when he and his friend Linda (a pretty slim lady with animated gestures and laughter that bubbles up from the back of her throat) gave me the run down on the characteristics of this and that Perth suburb. And when what he said resonated so deeply with what I thought and documented here... I grinned and declared - "You're not just a hobbit. You're a Visionary Hobbit." To get in touch with the Visionary Hobbit, just email him at

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Anonymous said...

exciting...I once thought about buying in England...however no thank you!

petunialee said...

Theanne - Why buy in England when right now there are housing bargains right where you live!! USA is too far away for us to manage the property well... else, we would have poked about there.