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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cold Storage Freebies... Love 'em!

The thing about Cold Storage (the grocery chain) loyalty freebies is that they're good stuff... sometimes even branded. Over the years, I have exchanged loyalty stickers for designer teapots, branded bakeware, high quality pots and pans. The next thing about Cold Storage freebies is that they are really free. NTUC Fairprice's (another grocery chain) loyalty exchanges always require a certain amount of monetary top up... and so I find them less interesting.

The last time I saved up loyalty coupons for NTUC Fairprice's ONLY half-free bakeware I regretted, because shortly after, Cold Storage unveiled their line of bakeware to be given away completely free in exchange for loyalty stickers. This time, I was most interested in a line of serving spoons and ladles from NTUC Fairprice but I decided to wait. Cold Storage MIGHT unveil their line of completely free loyalty cutlery.

The most useful line of gifts I've got from Cold Storage was a brown lady's back pack by Kappa. Mind you, Kappa is an excellent brand of high quality bags. I went bag crazy that time. We ate a lot more beef than we normally do, just so that I could get my lady's backpack AND a toiletries travel bag. It has been years and both bags still look good and work good. Their seams are thick and the material has held up under very rough use without tearing. That little brown lady's backpack follows me everywhere... my favourite handbag.

This semester, Cold Storage has unveiled a new line of bags from Wenger... another well known brand. Petunia has gone bag gaga again. The result of this temporary fascination with bags is that we're again eating a lot of beef. Why?

You see... NTUC Fairprice has generally lower prices for each item than Cold Storage so I buy the majority of groceries from NTUC Fairprice. I only buy meat, French cheeses, gourmet hams, exotic vegetables from Cold Storage because they taste better and are worth the premium in price. These expensive foodstuffs also mean that I can amass a large collection of loyalty stickers in very little time... and then I get to carry a cute and tough little handbag for free. Plus my family eats a higher proportion of quality food - parma ham from Italy, bocconcini cheese, champagne ham, camembert, brie, feta cheese, chocolate mousse, rocket salad and beef tenderloin.

My new lady's backpack is black. It's lighter than the old Kappa backpack so it is lovely to have on my back. I hope it'll last me as long as the Kappa one. In any case, I have retired the old Kappa backpack into the box where I keep things of sentimental value. It was a good and worthy bag for many long years, and if this new bag tears or falls apart, I can take it out to use again.


Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oooooh I never know there are loyalty stickers. Time to start collecting.

petunialee said...

OKC - It's one sticker for every $35.