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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Houses With Character

The houses in our neighbourhood don't lack in character. Many places in Singapore have row upon row of grand houses that look exactly the same. These days, the minimalist style is in, and the houses built are all flat topped roof terraces, glass and steel. I thought this house was refreshing in how it had steeply sloping roofs and ceilings. If you can zoom in on the top floor, you'll see how the internal roof slopes steeply upwards like the naves of a chapel. The glass walls and windows framed by timber also let in copious amounts of sunlight. Praying up there would be like praying in one's private chapel.

 A little further along the road is this very old house with exposed bricks painted over. It towers over the other single storey dwellings. If it were a person, this would be a rugged old man with chiselled features and a beard. The garden is a profusion of leaves and creepers that have been teased up the walls by someone who clearly loves plants. There is a distinctive set of balcony railings that looks straight out of downtown Old Louisiana. Half the ground floor is al fresco space filled with wrought iron and wood furniture of different styles (presumably bought at different times) that don't match but that exudes a chic-ness all its own. From the street, I caught tantalizing glimpses of a back balcony decked with comfortable furniture - the perfect place for an apĂ©ritif. This is one house that speaks volumes of style all its own. It reminds me of this.

Next, there is this one with rough plastered white washed walls and a stunning window that pours sunlight ino the 2nd floor family room and the stair well.

And then there is this really beautiful house which is so open but so private at the same time, with a tree inside the house.


Malar said...

Many shapes and touch of art! I like the 1st house!

petunialee said...

Malar - I like it too!!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oh.. all so nice. I like "house gazing" too..

petunialee said...

OKC - That makes 2 of us!! I can't wait to come gaze at your new house!!