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Monday, April 30, 2012

Fern Cove Bed and Breakfast

Stingy Petunia was averse to the reasonably priced hotels in Perth because there were some comments about cleanliness that were unacceptable. To be fair, some hotels had great comments but mixed within that pile were a few worrying ones about bed bugs and cleanliness. So I looked elsewhere and found a few Bed and Breakfast deals. I shortlisted three... and since the first 2 were already booked, I was left with Fern Cove Bed and Breakfast. It didn't look as beautifully decorated as the other 2 but I was quite attracted to it because a few people made comments about the warmth of the host and the cleanliness of the lodgings. Cleanliness is uber important to Finicky Petunia.

When we arrived at Fern Cove Bed and Breakfast, I thought that its photos on the internet did it no justice at all. True enough, it hasn't got the timeless appeal of many Bed and Breakfasts who try very hard to replicate the cottage look from the late 1800s and early 1900s. This B&B was stunning in its rendition of 1970s retro chic. This, I presume would be the look of B&Bs 50 years from now... all trying very hard to be aligned to the distinctive look of the late 1970s that one associates with The Beatles.

Except for that very modern flat panel TV which clearly didn't come from the 1970s. But hey, I'm not sure I wanna have to watch the grainy black and white TV images from the 1970s. So yes, I can live with that flat panel TV. Yes I can.

The thing is, everything LOOKS 1970s but FEELS new. When you step into the house, you get some sense of how a young housewife who had just bought and decorated her new place would feel. It's really like going back in time to a moment of history that few Bed and Breakfasts bother to emulate.

The owner of this place is Russell, a tall man with laugh wrinkles at the corners of his eyes and a short-cropped beard. Laugh wrinkles are wonderful things to see on people's faces and when you see them, you feel comfortable right away. He is warm and friendly, completely down to earth. He helped us to book an Italian restaurant for dinner last night and really bent over backwards to ask his friend, Manjit, how we could locate echinacea plants - which incidentally, are out of season. These 2 lovely people even offered to help us buy and babysit some plants if we give them some notice of our next trip here. We felt very much at home.

I get to use the kitchen, and the fridge is stocked with whatever we need for breakfast - orange juice, bacon, eggs, bread and butter. There are fruits, cereal, fresh milk, coffee, tea and jam. It's just a matter of quickly frying up eggs, bacon... and then washing up after.

It's a great place to stay. I highly recommend it.


Anonymous said...

very nice, and if (through some miracle) I ever find myself in Perth I'll certainly give this B&B a try!

Wen-ai said...

Happy belated honeymoon! Was wondering whether I could pop by your place to collect the teabags until I read ur blog. ;) Happy holidays once again!

Malar said...

The place look good! Cleanliness is definately my 1st priority! ;)