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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ghostly Light

At bedtime, Little Boy and I were chatting in the dark when we noted a bluish glow from one of the ceiling lights. It had a ghostly ethereal quality to it. It was really really spooky because it looked like some mist was gonna flow out that and form a ghostly figure right at the foot of the bed.

I jumped up and switched on the room lights. Then I switched them off again.

We went to get reinforcements. The Husband was forcibly brought in to stand vigil under the light just in case a misty figure DID begin to form in the room and point its finger at us to tell us... well... whatever it wanted to say. The Husband was intrigued.

Then, Little Boy slapped his thigh. "Mom! It's the rat light!!" Oh boy... what a relief. I had installed fluorescent lights above the ceiling boards and under the roof to scare away any rats that might decide to make a nest under the roof. Every now and again, we switch on the rat lights to flood all the under roof areas with white light. My friend L taught me this cheap pest control trick.

Well, when the rat lights are on whilst the bedroom lights are dark, the white light escapes through the tiny openings that bring electrical wires into the bedroom to power the bedroom lights. This light infuses our ceiling light fixtures with a ghostly blue glow. But they're only rat lights.



Blur Ting said...

LOL. Something funny happens in your household to entertain us every day!

petunialee said...

Ting - Kekekekekekeke! What's life without a few laughs a day eh?

Anonymous said...

Oh the experiences you have Petunia...LOL That's one smart "Little Boy"!

petunialee said...

Theanne - Thank you!!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oh.... Interesting! How does the white light prevent rats? Hm, is there anything that prevents lizards? I've been sweeping a lot of lizards poop up recently from my balcony. A lot a lot.

Malar said...

you and your family members are really funny!
Very good idea to chase the rat!

John said...

Hi Petunia:
Escape from Paradise is available from Amazon, and has never been banned in Singapore.
Lee May Chu

petunialee said...

OKC - L told me that rats don't like lights that go on and off and on again. Fluorescent likes tend to do that... also rats don't like bright places.

petunialee said...

John - Thank you. I'll go look for it in Amazon.

petunialee said...

Malar - Thank you!!