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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Groggy Mosquitoes

After a day of rains, starving mosquitoes swarm out of the jungle patch nearby. On the mosquito buffet table, I must be some sort of popular dish. Everyone else gets one or 2 bites. I get 9. The itch lasts for days and it feels so goooooooooooood to scratch them that I scratch till sores form and my nails have flecks of blood.

I learnt to close the windows at 5pm. Mosquito coils are lit at strategic spots to dissuade the hungry beasts out for blood, from entering the house. The few that do enter the house become quickly disorientated by the odourless chemical diffused into the air by the electronic Baygon plugs I placed in every room.

There were more than the usual numbers of mosquitoes this evening because it had rained all day. The Husband's sharp eyes saw mosquitoes fall out the air onto the tiled floor in his study. He saw mosquitoes flutter around me but I was not bitten. He plucked another 2 mosquitoes out the air and slapped one against the wall.

I wonder how these anti-mosquito wall plugs work. The mosquitoes can smell me but can't find me. They look like they're drunk.


Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oh.. I'm particularly sensitive to smell so I use those electronic mosquito repellent sound thingy.. It does work okay for me.. and no smell so quite good.. not sure if it works for a large space though - you might want to try a few..

petunialee said...

OKC - Thanks for the suggestion. I am interested to try 'cos I dunno what the long term effects of the Baygon wall plus will be on me. Where did you get the sound thingy?

crazyjellie said...

hi Pet,

is milo on heartworm protection?
FYI, that is transmitted by mozzies


petunialee said...

Geri - Yup! He is! Sweet of you to have thought of Milo!!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Hi Petunia, that's what I thought too because I found the Baygon ones a little too scary.. and smelly.. I got mine from my parent's hardware shop at Tg Pagar. It runs on electricity. I've seen some on Amazon that runs on solar (better if you are getting a few?) - try searching using Sonic Mosquito Repeller (with or without solar).

Hope this helps!

Malar said...

All i know is that ,it keep the mosquito away from us! druk mosquito? hahhaha...
Anyway mosquito is dangerous !