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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Scratch the Pillow... Scratch... Scratch

The Daughter was (is) a stubborn child. When she sang "Mari kita rakyat Singapura..." she stubbornly maintained that it was "Mari kita yuck yuck...". When I insisted she proposed that we agree to disagree "Mommy, you sing it YOUR way and I sing it MY way, ok?"

Then, there was a long debate about "in front" and "behind". According to her logic, these 2 phrases should exhibit some degree of symmetry in construction. Hence, she forged right ahead and changed them to "in front" and "in the hind". When I corrected "in the hind" to "behind" as it very illogically is... she promptly changed "in front" to "befront".

The longest running disagreement we have had involved her head and her pillow, as well as the sole of her feet and her shoe. It is a disagreement that lasts until today because at 18, she maintains that it made perfect sense to scratch her pillow to soothe her itchy head... and to scratch her shoe when her sole was itchy.

The entire neighbourhood knew of her famous habit and maids would crowd around her as she painstakingly sat down on the floor in the middle of nowhere, took off her shoe and scratched it to relieve the itch on her sole. Or she would sit up in her bed all bleary eyed and claw at her pillow with a vengeance. I explained till I was blue... for 18 years.

Her latest riposte over a game of Monopoly deal last week was... "Mom, I stand by the logic of what I did. I was a very clever child. I believed that I should not tackle the symptoms of the itch, but the root cause of it. Since the pillow caused the itch, the solution had to be wrought upon the pillow. So there!"

Very sweetly she said it. Most calmly too. But unyielding she was.

I give up. I'm not even gonna try and explain why it doesn't make sense to put the disinfectant and the plaster on the Mickey Mouse when the cut was obviously on her knee. She won't buy my story I don't think.

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Blur Ting said...

LOL, she is an interesting child :-)