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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Our Singapore Holiday

We had never taken a holiday in Singapore before. But having spent so much on last year's holiday, it made me feel good to be thrifty this year. So in December 2010, we played where we live.

It was a great holiday though. We went cycling. We ate at nice restaurants. We watched a few movies. We flew our kite 1000 feet up in the sky... went cycling for hours... went for long walks in nature parks. We woke up late, lounged in bed, ate sinful breakfasts at the hawker centre (nasi lemak, kaya toast, eggs, chee cheong fun, loh mai kai). We spent hours at the bookstore and hours playing tag with Milo all over empty fields.

So busy having fun that I've had little time to blog.

In between, I managed to do springcleaning (sterilised mattresses, got rid of furniture, threw out the junk of the past decade), repaired the washing machine, messed around with diatomaceous earth (my latest discovery against termites, ants and garden pests). I even made a few cakes, tarts, stews... We also stuffed ourselves silly at celebrations.

I didn't think it was a hardship holiday at all even though we saved a big bundle. A holiday filled with food, fun and laughter for less than $1000/=. We had planned to go somewhere at Chinese New Year, and we've decided to scrap those plans because this cheapo Singapore holiday was so fun, we wanna do it again!!


Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oohhh... sounds fun... A holiday in Singapore.. yes, I would like that too! Hm.. but I thought... u went to Beijing...? Heheh.. Anyway, a happy new year to you!

petunialee said...

Hmmm... We did. Didn't we? Ah... How short my memory... Beijing cost much less than last year's though. Shorter and nearer.

petunialee said...

Did you enjoy Taiwan? I can't wait to read about it! Happy new year!

My SINFONIA said...

Hey, you are making my mouth water... I wish I had a holiday in Singapore! :(

petunialee said...

You'll be back here this year, I'll bet?

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Petunia, I enjoyed half of the Taiwan trip. In the first half, The Husband had to do some work and take some conference calls.. and he was sick as well. The second half was much better as he stopped working and got a little better

My SINFONIA said...

You bet right!