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Friday, October 8, 2010

Still in Love With Singapore

Everyday, on the internet, there are people with nothing better to do than to spout negative things about everything Singaporean. Those who are grateful for their opportunites are often too busy to write counter remarks to gratuitious insults about who Singaporeans are and what we do... and mostly what the government has done and is doing.

It is these persons' very own negativity about the world that blinds them to the beauty of Singapore and the opportunities the government provides and provided. These people would lose out anyway whatever the system of government because they see no opportunities when opportunities abound. They see nothing to be thankful for even when they live and breathe the blessings of clean water, clean estates, clean politicians, clean hawker centres, good education, continuing education, varied cuisines, eclectic entertainment, loving families, warm weather... and so much more.

Yet, there are those who are grateful and give thanks all the way from faraway Tasmania - This is a post worth reading because it says so much that I had no words to say.


ladybird said...

This is why some Singaporeans are negative and unhappy with the present government -

petunialee said...

Yes... I too agree that this Minister has his priorities upside down. Many erstwhile PAP supporters think so too.