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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Moony Little Boy

Little Boy was sweet on Huimin, a skinny little girl who only ate white rice and steamed egg. As a mother, I felt for him. He was so sincere and devoted in his regard. I would catch him in his bunk bed staring at the class photo and then he would shyly point out the little girl to me. Quite often he would lie on his bed and orientate himself such that he was facing Huimin's block of flats. This was a rather uncomfortable position because it required lying across the shorter expanse of his single bunk bed.

I didn't make the mistake of proposing marriage, but I did what I could to support his effort to impress the girl, and endear himself to her. More often than not, I was willing party in all sorts of gift-giving initiatives.

I once walked in 10 minutes of strong winds carrying a large cardboard poster of Ariel the Little Mermaid because Little Boy insisted that Huimin likes Ariel. Then, I was made to buy sticker books of Ariel and her fish companions. After that, we had a spell with costume jewelry. It was almost embarassing to queue up at Kiddy Palace with a son clamouring for a bead set. Little Boy made bracelets and necklaces for Huimin every week, and once in a while, when reminded, he made one for me and his sister.

When walking in Chinatown, we came across a box filled to the brim with foldable painted fans. We had gone past the shop some ways before I felt a little hand tugging at my t-shirt. I couldn't at first make out what he wanted so I knelt down and put my ear to his mouth. We ended up buying a foldable fan with pink flowers for Huimin.

The buying was the easy part. Because by then, the whole K2 class had figured out that Little Boy was sweet on Huimin. Uncomfortable with all the teasing, Little Boy convinced me to drive to the school to pick him and his lady friend in order that he might present his gifts in private. Till the end of the ride, he was still holding on tightly to the fan. I was quite upset because stingy Petunia had just wasted petrol on a trip that only needed walking.

I turned around and looked exasperatedly at him "Why didn't you give her the fan, you goose?! I just wasted a trip for nothing!!"

He responded "Her mommy was there."

Quite fed-up, I marched to school the next day, found Huimin's mommy and gave her the fan for her daughter. Thank goodness, the mother accepted the gift graciously and smiled kindly at me. For the first time in my life, I experienced the stress that every male must go through at some point, when trying to court a girl.

What if she freaks out and runs screaming down the HDB corridor? All the aunties will know that my son has been rejected!! How will I regain my place of Auntie honour amongst those other HDB aunties of honour?

Only because I experienced that myself, did I make it a point to later teach The Daughter that she needed to be considerate and gentle when telling potential suitors that she wasn't interested. Whatever you do, DO NOT open your mouth and scream loudly.

I do hope that come Little Boy's turn, young ladies will be just as gentle when rejecting him.


Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

hahahahahahahahahaha!!! i'm sure most girls won't open the mouth + scream loudly one lah. ok, maybe kindergarten ones...... =P

petunialee said...

Heh! I guess not.

Blur Ting said...

Aw, I feel for your little boy. Funny I never had to go through any of these episodes with and for my kids. I wonder why?

Your life is more exciting :-)

petunialee said...

Ting - Heh! Heh! Maybe Little Boy is more of a romantic than your 2?

Malar said...

Your son is really sweet!

petunialee said...

Yup Malar, I thought that too!! Until I asked him whom he loved more... Huimin or me. I didn't like his answer at all!!

Blur Ting said...

Aiyo, he loves you less!? lol

That's becos she's unattainable whereas mummy's always around.

petunialee said...

Ting - Wail! Yes! That's what he said! I told myself from that day on that I was gonna save up a lot for retirement.

Loves that silly steamed egg eating girl more than me! Hmmmmph!

I put him on my lap and asked "Hey! What did Huimin do for you except smile?"


Wen-ai said...

Awww. Little boy is soooo sweet. Already so romantic and caring at such a tender age. He will be such a wonderful husband AND son in the future!

petunialee said...

WenAi - I know! Isn't he just?! I hope he marries a girl who is kind to him. He's so easy for a girl bully you know. Even his teacher says so.