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Friday, July 23, 2010

Fedex Her Home To Singapore

Little Boy read my earlier post, and commented, "You forgot the last bit about sending her back to Singapore, Mom!"

So I did.

For you see, even though he had learnt that he did love his sister, he still found her very irritating. Once he understood the meaning and purpose of the huge FEDEX boxes in our living room, he pulled me aside after having been particularly unsuccessful in monopolising my attention.

Little Boy: Mom? Why don't we put JieJie in a FEDEX box and send her back to Grandma in Singapore?

Me: Why?

Little Boy: Grandma can look after her for a while.

Me: But when we go home to Singapore, you'll get her back won't you?

Little Boy: Yes... but she will be gone for a while and Grandma can look after her.

Me: I will think about it.

How else do you want me to react? Given his circumstances Little Boy had come up with a novel idea that would solve his problem... and if I were prepared to throw her away, surely I couldn't refuse to FEDEX her away. The implacable logic of any child's mind would tell you that it wouldn't make sense.

So I thought about it and thought about it and then it was time to come home to Singapore.

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