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Monday, June 14, 2010

Little Boy's Kind Heart

I am one to believe that people do change... and that humans can learn just about anything if they don't make excuses for themselves. I never accept the excuse "I'm like that so I can't help it."

Yet, even I think that people cannot change their hearts.

Little Boy was born kind. Forgive me... I know that sounds boastful and biased because he is my son but I do very much think that Little Boy was born kind.

When he was 2, he got upset with me for splashing an insect into the drainage gutters of the swimming pool. When he was 3, he got into a fight with a 4 year old over a toad they had both found in the swimming pool. I had fished the toad out with a net and explained to both boys that if the toad could not find a land rest, it would get tired and then it would drown. Little Mr 4 wanted to throw the toad back in. Little Boy would not allow it.

So, whilst the mothers were in the kitchen preparing a snack, a real good fight with 2 little boys rolling around on the grass in the backyard went on... until Little Boy threw his friend into the pool. It was a good thing us mothers heard a splash. Little Boy's friend couldn't swim, and even that small backyard swimming pool would have been fatal. I had to apologise to the 4 year old's mother very very profusely. And the father too.

And then Little Boy said "I pushed him into the pool so that he could feel what the toad feels in the pool!" I could not bear to scold him after that, though I did explain that his friend could have died because of him.

Little Boy and his father prevented me from cutting down the kapok tree which had outgrown its pot. Together, they hauled the heavy pot all the way downstairs and across a large field to plant it amongst a small copse of trees. The NParks people cut it down when the nation was looking for Mas Selamat in the jungles around our place.

Last night, a dragonfly got caught in one of our ceiling lamps. Little Boy made his father climb up there to pick up the trapped insect and let it go in the garden.

Little Boy's little cousin Z often gets bullied by her siblings. Growing up with aggressive siblings, Z is no pushover. She is as bossy as they come. This little one bosses Little Boy left right and centre. And he patiently puts up with it because she is such a tiny thing.

So, I do think that Little Boy was born kind, just as some people are born mean. He possesses the largesse of spirit that allows him to forgive minor transgressions by smaller and weaker beings towards him.

However, Z's sister J, is a different story. When J was 1, Little Boy was 2. J came over and pushed Little Boy off his bike... pushed him outta his car... grabbed his toys and when he went off to play with other toys, she grabbed those too. Little Boy looked shocked but he backed off... and he backed off... and he backed off. The adults left the room and came back to a horrendous sight. Little Boy was sitting on J's stomach raining slaps on her face.

Some friends have commented that Milo is well brought up because he was sweet to Mei Mei. I think it is in Milo's nature to be sweet to smaller dogs. Others have commented that Little Boy is well brought up because he is sweet to little children. I think it is in Little Boy's nature to be kind to smaller and weaker beings.


Blur Ting said...

From the way he gently handled Rusty at our farm, I knew he's a kind hearted kid!

petunialee said...

Gee Ting! Thanks! The compliment means a lot.

daelight said...

He's sweet and feisty!

Autumn Belle said...

Little Boy is an unusual kid and a very good one. His kindness will bring much joy and happiness to those people around him.

petunialee said...

Daelight - Many thanks!

petunialee said...

Autumn Belle - I love the photos on your blog!!