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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Catch that Dog!

Dogs and children learn bad habits fast. Our new helper is a gentle soul who adores Milo. I explained till my face turned blue that she should strut around like an Alpha Bitch to impress Milo. Nothing doing!

Our gentle Joy (for that is her name) tells the dog gently to go upstairs to his kennel and then she giggles when Milo runs away. It didn't take Milo long to understand that if he ran here and then ran there... he could potentially stay downstairs forever.

Yesterday, I had to trick him by making him jealous. To do that you hug Little Boy and kiss him noisily until Jealous Milo comes racing into the stairwell to be part of the huggies. Then you close the stairwell door and the only way out of there is upstairs into the kennel. The day before, I lured him up with a huge knucklebone.

Today... nothing... absolutely nothing... would get Milo into the stairwell. I chased Milo hither and thither brandishing a cane. I scolded. I yelled. I wheedled and coaxed. I waved my dinner under Milo's nose. I kissed my husband and I kissed my son, half afraid that my neighbours pop by and ask me to be more circumspect in my affections. Milo was tempted but no way was he gonna get near the stairwell door.

In the end, we trapped him behind the piano... collared him and dragged him upstairs. That's it! Milo stays upstairs forever!

I trained him so well before. Milo would go upstairs obediently when I called. Now, I dunno how to undo the lax discipline our gentle Joy introduced into Milo's life.


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Malar said...

Oh no!!.... but I guess this is just a short time behavior.