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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Anybody Wants Mei Mei?

Here is Mei Mei. She is a lost one year old with the friendliest ever disposition. She has the most endearing habit of ensconcing herself onto one's lap and sitting quietly there. She's a house dog and strolled nonchalantly through our house completely oblivious to house rules. Milo watched with mouth wide open, marvelling at her temerity and courage, as she marched into all our bedrooms and even lay down cheerfully in the Forbidden Area.

Of course The Cane bit her butt... though that didn't stop her from doing the same thing a few more times.

I can't keep Mei Mei. The Husband thinks she's a useless dog. It's important to The Husband that dogs serve a purpose. I proposed that she is a courageous little one who marched up to Milo's (4 times her size) food and helped herself. Such a courageous dog would protect house and home, no?

- "No" said The Husband. "In one kick, she would fly away to Pasir Ris."

- "She can warn us of intruders," I ventured.

- "No" said The Husband. "That yappy yippy sound is more irritating than alarming".

- "She doesn't yip a lot" says I.

- "No she doesn't, but when she does, she sounds like a mouse in pain," says he. "Besides, she has no manners! Look at how she pushes Milo around."

Now that, I admit, is true. Milo politely sniffs her ear and rear. She bears with it for a while and then she snaps at him and barks a warning. Milo backs off and sits back on his haunches wondering what he had done wrong.

Last night, Milo had to sleep in the far corner of the patio because she had taken up his spot in front of the door and his kennel. There were a few fierce barks as they settled down for the night. But they were all yippy barks. Milo is always frisky in the mornings. So this morning, he invited her to play by bending his front knees in play stance. She trotted past him sedately and sat down.Now, THAT is a tau Little Bitch!

She is the dog of my dreams. One day, I will get me a dog like that. Meanwhile, The Husband says no... and so I have to give her to my friend K, who is on her way to fetch her to the vet.

Bye Mei Mei... it was good to hold you on my lap.


Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...


else we would have more dog stories from u.

termite said...

ah now i know who is mei mei! milo is not letting her push him around, he was being a gentleman :) in a dogs world the males would never attack the female. :) which is why she is able to "queen" over him. hehe
she is very cute. :)

Blur Ting said...

Yah, Milo is so well brought up! A gentleman!

I actually prefer bigger dogs myself. My parents also find themselves with a Japanese Spitz. It's a sweet natured dog, very well trained and domesticated.

We thought it was brought in by our tenant, but we were told that someone had left it outside our gate. People drive to our area and leave their dogs here hoping that we would keep them. Our neighbour has taken some in as well.

petunialee said...

Fry - I wished I could keep her too.

petunialee said...

Termite - Gee... I didn't know that?

petunialee said...

Ting - I did so want to ask you if you wanted her. But after I read the post about Cookie, I thought you might be overwhelmed to have Mei Mei too.

michele said...

Female dogs usually take on the alpha position in a pack. When we adopt dogs, we usually adopt 1 female and 2 males.

Some years back when we had 2 females (a lab & JRT) and it was hell. When they reached maturity, they vied for alpha position & the fights were bloody, much worse than 2 males fighting. As everyone knows, a JRT thinks it's a large dog and this one did not give up though she needed sutchering after every fight, and the fights occurred almost every day. The lab though gentle, was smarter & calmer, and was precise when attacking. Interestingly, when hubby & I are not around they're very close but it's a bloody fight for alpha position in front of us. After trying various methods in vain to sort out the problem, the lab was moved to my parents' home.

Due to certain circumstances, I now have 2 females & a male. A bit worrying as the JRT (different one) & Chow have strong-headed characters. The male however, is pretty much at the lowest rung of the pack.

petunialee said...

Whoa! Is that right? Females usually are the alpha?

What's a JRT?

Blur Ting said...

Jack Russell Terrier!

petunialee said...

Ting - That's Rusty!!