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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

No Such Thing As Safe Herb

The thing about herbs is that many people think they're safe drugs. There is no such thing as a safe drug. If a drug is to be effective it has to affect the human body in definite ways. Take too much of any drug and you will harm yourself.

Rosemary Tea is an effective anti-fungal agent. I have used it for dandruff and digestive candidiasis but take too much and you can end up vomitting. Tea tree oil is great for killing bacteria but ingest too much and you'll get liver failure. Take a little over a prolonged period gives men moobs (male boobs) because it is high in plant oestrogens, and can aggravate PMS symptoms. Dandelion tea is a great detox, but take too much and you'll wash out all the oestrogen in your body... and then you will be prone to hardened arteries. Or if you're a man, you'll have too little testosterone, and then you'll feel tired.

Goldenseal is a good anti-histamine. I drip it into my nostrils to clear a blocked nose. I soak it onto an eczema patch to reduce the itchy swelling. However, too much of it causes hypotension (low blood pressure) and can cause damage to the cardio-vascular system. Cabbage juice is great for gastric ulcers but take it in excess and you will find that potassium gets leached from your body, and you will start to feel ill.

Green tea has been widely touted as a health food. The Husband and I love it and used to drink it everyday. Result? Yeast overgrowth in the gut. Green tea (like chrysanthemum tea) is quite an effective anti-bacterial agent. I have cured myself of tonsilitis by sipping green tea throughout the day and allowing the liquid to wash down my throat slowly with every sip. But when it gets into the gut, it also kills gut bacteria. Without gut bacteria, you will experience yeast overgrowth (bloatedness, flatulence and fatigue because the yeast releases toxins into your blood stream).

Elecampane clears my bronchial tubes of phlegm in 20 minutes but because it acts so fast and is so effective that I fear taking too much. I don't know what'll happen, but I know something will. The faster acting the herb and the more obvious its effects, the more we need to fear it. Herbs are medicines, not health supplements.

Being as sickly as I am, without these herbs, I would be at the doctor's once every quarter. With these herbs, I self-medicate quite successfully but VERY carefully. They are powerful drugs.

And there is no such thing as a safe drug. Therefore if a herb is a true healing herb, then it is not safe. Not rosemary, not thyme, not sage, not basil... take too much and something will happen that you don't like.

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